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Dental Restorations in Cumberland, ME

Your dental health supports the functions and esthetics of your smile. Dr. Michael Frost and his team of healthcare providers offer restorative dental care at our practice in Cumberland. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Frost today and explore your options for achieving optimal oral health.

Experience Dental Care

Keeping natural dentition is important in maintaining the health of your smile. Dr. Frost takes a conservative approach to dental care, doing what he can to preserve the integrity of smiles and save teeth while providing adequate support with restorations. Dr. Frost addresses issues such as cavities, advanced decay, discoloration, damage, and missing teeth.

Services offered at our practice include:

Fillings are used after a tooth has been treated for a cavity to restore the structure of the tooth.

Crowns protect treated teeth from further damage or decay. Patients can choose between porcelain, gold, and porcelain-fused-to-gold as options depending on their desired durability and esthetic appeal.

Bridges are used to replace teeth using porcelain prosthetic that anchors between two crowns. 

Bonding can repair minor chips or cracks in teeth. This method is primarily used for esthetic purposes to adjust the shape or size of a tooth. 

Inlays and Onlays are similar to fillings, but are larger and restore a greater portion of the tooth’s structure. These restorations can be made from various dental material, including porcelain and gold. 

Bleaching addresses discoloration and brightens smiles by several shades. Patients have the convenience of receiving medical-grade bleaching gel monitored by a professional that produces quality results in as little as one visit.

Dental Implants in Cumberland County

Dr. Frost works closely with local specialists to coordinate treatment for patients to receive dental implants. Patients can expect dedicated care to address their unique situation, whether they need a replacement for a single tooth or an entire arch.

We utilize trusted methods for gathering impressions and developing our restorations. Once implant posts are placed, patients return to our office to complete their restorations. We work with a private lab that specialized in developing quality prosthetics customized to fit perfectly with each individual’s smile.

Hybrid dentures offer patients the benefits of both removable dentures and dental implants. These implant-supported dentures provide improved security and comfort while allowing patients to remove their prosthetic set to perform adequate hygiene maintenance and keep the mouth healthy. Dental implants not only provide stability and convenience, they also support the jaw bone and prevent accelerated deterioration.

Restorative Dentistry in Cumberland

We believe in proven methods of dental care taken with a compassionate approach. Visit our dental practice in Cumberland, ME and contact Dr. Frost to schedule your next dental appointment today!