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Cosmetic Dentistry

Explore Cosmetic Dentistry in Cumberland, ME

People suffering from dental imperfections may feel as if they have to hide their smile from others. At the office of Michel A. Frost, DMD, we provide cosmetic services to enhance the smile’s appeal. If you are seeking a dentist who can help you rejuvenate your teeth and assist you in gaining a more attractive appearance, contact our dental practice today.

Correct Minor Flaws

Discoloration of your teeth can detract from your smile’s appeal, which can often make patients feel self-conscious. Dr. Frost offers the Opalescence® teeth whitening system to remove stains from the surface of teeth. Our Cumberland dental practice offers both in-house and take-home treatments that allow patients to choose an option most convenient for them. At-home options give patients the opportunity to lighten their teeth at their own pace. In-office teeth whitening treatment offer patients a noticeably brighter smile after their first appointment.

Patients experiencing a toothache due to minor dental trauma or decay usually are in need of dental bonding or filling. At the office of Michael A. Frost, DMD, we offer these two restorative treatments to help patients maintain optimal oral health and dental function. Patient suffering from a dental injury, such as fracture or chips, can visit our practice where our dentist bonds tooth-colored material to the surface of the damaged tooth to repair it. The composite resin used to help the tooth regain strength and stability also prevents infection. Fillings seal teeth affected by decay and keep bacteria from re-entering the tooth, they also stop an infection from worsening and impacting the supporting structures.

Restore Your Smile

Missing teeth can impair your bite and cause other complications to arise, all while affecting a patient’s confidence regarding their smile. At the office of Michael A. Frost, DMD, we offer different teeth replacement options so patients may choose a prosthetic that works best for them. Dr. Frost provides crowns to replace a single tooth at a time. Our dentist also utilizes fixed hybrid-dentures to restore full arches of teeth. Both these prosthetics allow patients to smile assuredly and reach optimal dental function.

Improve your Aesthetic at the office of Michael A. Frost, DMD

At our Cumberland dental practice, we offer cosmetic services to meet patient’s goals by correcting their dental imperfections. For more information about the treatments, Dr. Frost provides to improve the appearance of your smile, call our dental office today!